Fisheries Manager, Italy

Location: Milan, Italy
Working hours: 9:00am – 6:00pm

Are you a great collaborator? Can you lead an experienced team? We’re looking for a Fisheries Manager, who can lead on delivering the MSC’s over-arching aims and objectives in the Region.

About the role

You’ll be responsible for outreach to the fisheries, promoting the MSC brand and increasing support for the program across a broad range of interest groups, including fisheries, government representatives, retailers and partners in the NGO community. The MSC is currently seeking to fill a position in its Italian office to lead implementation of a project working with fisheries in Italy and some other Mediterranean countries (e.g. Croatia, Albania, Slovenia and others).

The Fisheries Manager will work in collaboration with the MSC Italy team and with other MSC staff across MSC’s headquarters and regional offices. The role will involve: 

  • undertaking a range of activities aimed at creating awareness of the MSC’s fishery standard, 
  • building capacity of stakeholders in prioritized fisheries to initiate and engage in MSC’s certification program, 
  • increasing uptake of the MSC program and ultimately increasing the number of fisheries in the region that are formally engaging with the MSC.

Your skills and Experience

  • Post-graduate degree or equivalent in fisheries or marine conservation biology, fisheries, natural resources or environmental management.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of fisheries and resource sustainability issues, particularly as they relate to wild capture fisheries and the MSC’s Fisheries Standard.
  • Extensive knowledge of the seafood sector in Italy with established contacts and network.
  • Knowledge of third-party certification schemes and eco-labelling.
  • Demonstrated excellence of written and spoken communication skills in the English language, directed at a diverse range of people.
  • Ability to travel on a regular basis. 
Fisheries Manager, Italy job description
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Date of Issue: 21 March 2019

Who are we?

The MSC's vision is for the world’s oceans to be teeming with life, and seafood supplies safeguarded for this and future generations. Through our internationally-recognised certification and ecolabeling programme well-managed sustainable fisheries are recognised and rewarded in the market place, through the leadership of our partners. Critically, other fisheries are incentivised to improve their performance to meet the growing demand for certified sustainable and traceable seafood choice. 

Over 400 fisheries around the world, representing 14% of the annual global marine catch, are now engaged in the MSC programme and over 1200 documented improvements to the way our oceans are being fished have been recorded. MSC certified and labelled seafood products are now available in over 100 countries. 

To apply

Please email the following information to :

  • A cover letter in English outlining how your skills, experience and knowledge directly address the responsibilities and requirements detailed in the job specification, and include details of your salary expectations
  • A copy of your current CV in English.

Please ensure they are sent as Word or PDF documents with the titles “your name cover letter” and “your name CV”.

Please write Fisheries Manager, Italy in the email subject line.

Closing date

Tuesday 30 April, 12:00, midday (BST)

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